Growth of Remote Jobs in Accounting and Office Work

As the new year approaches, questions circle the job market: How has COVID-19 changed our
world? How will we work during and after the crisis? The truth is, after several months of
upheaval, many companies and most professionals will not return to original work routines.
There has been an increase in remote job searches, more out of preference than necessity,
though wellness is a driving factor. Companies are not certain when they will open their doors
again, and this has generated a growth in remote opportunities for new talent in accounting,
banking, and office work.

New hires know the benefits of working from home: A better work-life balance can be
achieved; there is more flexibility in the work schedule; and, working conditions are more
pleasant, with the comforts of home literally at hand. Recent surveys show most professionals
are happy to continue working from home, if for no other reason than to stay safe.
To manage teams remotely, banks adopted new management procedures that included
technology changes with enhanced security. All employees are educated in cybersecurity,
trained with new skills in phone and online presence, and must agree to remote work policies
that include transparency of work via monitoring tech. After several months, banks and other
financial establishments saw a rising trend in productivity, quality of work, and employee
satisfaction. They also noted savings in office expenses, travel expenses, and other fees which
correspond with running branches. If such trends continue, several offices might stay closed
permanently, and banks will train new hires in an omni-channel network that lets them conduct
most if not all of their work from home.

Finance professionals specialize in a variety of tasks from bookkeeping to evaluating financial
operations to filing taxes. They can give guidance on cost reduction and revenue enhancement,
forecast and provide risk analysis. With such a wide array of skills, these professionals can fill
several roles and work for both private and government employers. Even better, with the times
being what they are, and technology ever adapting to meet the world’s changing needs, a
professional’s work can most times be done from home. The question then is, what does a
professional have to do to find remote work?
With most careers, your ability to stand out from the competition comes down to skills and
training, often backed by experience. Finance professionals should consider taking online
courses in the latest technologies and abilities for their field. This year has been the peak of the
digital age, as businesses continue to develop means to meet customer needs. New hires at
banks and finance establishments will have to know or be able to learn to coordinate with
customers by phone, online chat or video, and use the proper digital tools to maintain finance
books, generate invoices, process payrolls, and catalog business expenses. Those who stay at
the forefront of learning for their field will have a foot in the door on remote opportunities.

New opportunities are regularly posted to social job sites like LinkedIn, and while such channels
are a means to an end in finding new work, getting professional assistance in the job market
can afford you better opportunities. If you are a professional looking for remote work in
Accounting, Banking, or Office Service, BritePros has a highly trained team of recruiters who can
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