The BritePros Difference

BritePros is a leading healthcare staffing firm based in San Antonio, Texas. We help healthcare organizations find the best and most relevant medical talent in the healthcare industry.

BritePros provides a full range of employment solutions including most healthcare job families:

• Nurse Practitioner
• Practice Management and Administration
• Pharmacist
• Physician Assistant
• Speech/Language Pathologist
• Physician
• Respiratory Therapist
• Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
• Nurse Anesthetist
• Veterinarian
• Physical Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Pediatrician
• Optometrist
• Anesthesiologist
• Dietitian and Nutritionist
• Audiologist
• Radiologist
• Orthodontist
• Nurse Midwife
• Surgeon
• Chiropractor
• Finance/Accounting, Technology
• Marketing and Public Relations
• Sales and Business Development
• Human Resources/Training
• Etc…….

Healthcare staffing is our specialty. We have over 10 years of successful placement experience within the recruiting and staffing industry. Our unique behavior-based interviewing process ensures that each candidate possesses the right work experience and skillset. We represent candidates seeking both permanent, contact employment – on-site and on a remote basis.

Why choose BritePros?

BritePros Healthcare Staffing is completely committed to sourcing only the best non-clinical administrative talent in the healthcare industry. Our pool of candidates within the world of healthcare is unparalleled. We simply want your healthcare organization running smoothly so you can focus on providing the best health services to your patients.

Healthcare organizations from all across the country rely upon BritePros Staffing to present only the most qualified talent for each specific job. Our unique application of the Behavior-based Interviewing Model allows BritePros Staffing to properly vet and evaluate talent relative to key technical and cultural markers for each unique job opening.

If we would not hire the applicant for a selected position, we will not present them to your healthcare organization.

Looking for an administrative job within healthcare?

Does your healthcare organization need administrative talent?

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